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A women's only membership community revolutionizing the way we intersect business and lifestyle.

A letter from our founder

Throughout our lives, we’re taught that you have two separate identities: the personal and the professional. We’re told most people “work to live,” and that it’s almost impossible to love your job and your life at the same time. We’re taught that sacrifice is a necessity, and that to thrive professionally we have to give up everything. We’re constantly reinforced through the media that our professional success is bound by an unhealthy determination to succeed that outweighs our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Our bosses, colleagues, mentors, and even friends are telling us that if we want to “win,” we have to give it our all. But, when did “giving our all,” start to mean giving up everything? 

As my entrepreneurial success has grown over the last three years, I’ve gotten more and more fed up with this idea. Believe me, I understand the hustle, but “hustling” doesn’t mean working a hundred hour weeks. I have been living my life with deep intention (while busting my butt) and translating that intentional work into my personal and professional life. So I thought “How can I empower women to do the same? To Have it All?” I started researching communities and found that every successful and empowering space I could find focused on one facet of our identity: professional growth or personal development. I couldn’t find a single community that empowered our holistic identity and provided resources and education on how to thrive in both. 

So after months of researching, building and creating, I launched The La.Rue Community to challenge these traditional concepts and break these expiring boundaries. I found this deep desire within myself to create a space that encouraged universal growth: growth personally that translates professionally and vice versa. The moment I planted this seed in my mind, it started to grow to massive heights. There were no bounds to where my imagination could go. Launching the online space for The La.Rue Community is phase one. Over the next year, as I work to grow our membership base, our resources, and programming, I’ll also be working behind the scenes on important partnerships and funding—which brings us to phase two. 

The first ever destination for ambitious women. It’s more than just a co-working space: it’s a wellness space where we host meditations, sound baths, pilates, even self-defense classes. It’s a space to host workshops, book signings, panels, and events. It’s where you’ll network, grow, educate and be educated. Our goal is to open the first in person space for The La.Rue Community in August of 2026 in New York City. I write this in the hopes of not just manifesting and reminding myself of the dream; but also, with the intention to remind you no dream is too big. I’m creating for myself what I know other women crave: a community that empowers every aspect of you. We’re a revolutionary community that supports every dream, champions every win, and encourages throughout every set back in every aspect of your life. 

Who's Right for The La.Rue Community?

The La.Rue Community is a members-only community for ambitious women breaking glass ceilings across a vast array of landscapes.

Our members embody the true essence of female empowerment in every aspect of their life. Drawing on a desire for authentic connection and an unbounded commitment to growth, women join The La.Rue Community for the sole purpose of creating a purpose-driven life, career, and business. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 

The La.Rue Community maintains a firm and steadfast dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our Community is a safe space for all women and we welcome anyone who identifies with she/her or they/them, as well as all trans women. 

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment for all women and all races. As the La.Rue Community grows, we will proudly share our growing DEI numbers to ensure that every member feels safe, heard, and supported on their journey here at The La.Rue Community. 

What Doors Our Community Unlocks:

We're not just another online networking space. We're an online community (with the vision to expand into brick and mortar destination in NYC) that is revolutionizing the way we intersect our personal and professional lies. We’re a women's only membership community focused on bridging the gap between the 'want' and the 'need' through our community, programming, resources, and Brand Partners.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of The La.Rue Community:

  • You'll unlock your potential through collaborative brainstorming sessions designed specifically for driven women like you.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs and visionaries will feed your innovative ideas, helping you create an impactful lifestyle.
  • You'll gain invaluable support from a network of like-minded women thriving in their respective careers.

When You Join Today

When You Join at our Expansion Tier: 

  • You'll receive access to The La.Rue Community Feed and our Network. 

When you join The La.Rue Community at our Breakthrough Tier and above, you’ll gain access to our:

Brand Partnership Directory: 

We understand how hard it is to find the resources you're looking for to build an intentional life. When we set out to create The La.Rue Community, we were determined to bridge the gap between the client and the business. When you're in search of a resource, you turn to Google, Instagram or Tiktok search and you're immediately bombarded with thousands (if not millions of potential results). And if you're anything like me, the clients I've worked with or friends in the industry, you're immediately turned off by that amount of results and quit the search. 

What if we told you we're slowly building out a vetted list of businesses for you. So instead of turning to one of those overwhelming platforms, you come to La.Rue to find the service or product you're looking for. Not only are we doing the search for you, but we get to support other women owned brands and business, driving clients to them without taking a cut. 

About Our Partners

The La.Rue Community Brand Partners are a compilation of brands/businesses across various industries. They support our community members by offering exclusive resources or discounts, accelerating their growth in both life and business. Once your application is approved, you'll gain immediate access to this exclusive list. Here, you can browse Brand Partners, utilize their resources, freebies, or discounts, and connect with businesses.

You're tapping into a network of like-minded individuals and businesses committed to mutual support and growth. With their expertise and tailored resources, you'll have the tools you need to thrive in both your personal and professional endeavors.

Our ever-expanding list of brand partners ensures that you have a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether you're interested in marketing, finance, wellness, or any other industry, you'll find valuable resources and discounts that align with your goals and aspirations. Join us today and unlock the opportunities that the La.Rue Community Brand Partners have to offer.

All Replays in the Tier of Your Choosing: 

As The La.Rue Community grows, you'll gain access to our extensive library of resources from the very beginning. Every session hosted in the tier of your choosing will be catalogued for your benefit. As our community expands, so does our commitment to providing valuable resources. We understand that access to a diverse range of content is essential for your growth and development. That's why we continue to curate a comprehensive library that covers various topics.

Community Members & Networking: 

Join The La.Rue Community and you'll be connected with every member from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries. We're making networking easy and connection thoughtful. Here at La.Rue, our mission is to foster meaningful connections among individuals who share a common goal of personal and professional growth.

By joining our community, you gain access to a myriad of opportunities for collaboration and mentorship, regardless of your industry or background. Our members come from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs and artists to scientists and educators. The La.Rue Community is more than just a networking platform; it's a supportive and inclusive space where ideas flourish and relationships thrive. Together, we're building a future where meaningful connections drive success. So join us today and unlock your full potential!

Join The La.Rue Community today and become a part of a network of ambitious women building intentional lives, careers, and businesses.